Welcome to my Nightmare

I think you're gonna like it.  I think you're gonna feel you belong. ~ Alice Cooper

Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to my first post.  For those of you who don't know me, and for some who do, be warned I swear quite a bit. If that harms your sensibilities feel free to turn your attention elsewhere.  For everyone else, I have content warnings... because I'm really writing this for my own reasons, and whether you want to delve is your choice.  If I shout to the abyss, so be it.

It is possible to find your fire again after you've been through something rough.  It’s easy to forget that when you’re going through it, when you’re burnt out and barely smoldering.  The last few years, on a personal level as well as the bigger picture, have been rub-your-face-on-a-brick-wall levels of rough.  This blog is about my personal best tools for dealing and healing, for confronting my Nightmares and Daylight Demons.  This blog is about the power of story and art.

I would like to introduce you Lovelies to the muse that spawned this blog and got me doing something I hate and fear- writing and speaking publicly.  Welcome to my Nightmare, time to deal with it.  If you have not seen this poem by Cassandra Khaw, you need to.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

I will bring this piece back in a future post with more context… but I read this aloud as part of my Druid Grove's Imbolc gathering (Yes, hello, I am Pagan) and it was INCREDIBLY cathartic.  Every last bit of emotion I'd been hanging onto, or trying to stuff down, came rocketing out in waves.  After a year and a half of fear and paranoia, of constantly looking over my shoulder, I found my fire.  It stoked and burned out the poison in my veins.  I have a fire in my head and my heart.  I intend to use it. 

Happy Equinox my Lovelies.  The sun has entered Aries- time to find your fire.


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