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Roll Initiative

Where are my nerds, my gamers, my lovers of fantasy?  This one's for you.
I love tabletop RPG's.  An evening of collaborative storytelling, acting, food, and fellowship is my favorite way to relax and have fun with friends. There are many moving parts to an RPG, and each player at the table might enjoy a different facet of the game.  A more analytical mind might love parsing out their character's stats- using math to build the best set of abilities for how they want to play and what they want to accomplish.  I'm more about the role play and story; writing a back story and personality for a character, then getting into their head space and making decisions based on that back story and personality.  I like not only giving them abilities- but reasons they're good at them.
My favorite campaign to date, a home-brewed Pathfinder adventure that lasted four years, has recently come to a satisfying conclusion.  This game has seen me through some pretty crappy happenings in my…